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Does Your Home ​Design Fit The Block?

​That's the question that's often never asked, and that's why as a ​licensed ​Building Designer, I can help you avoid costly mistakes and wasted time.

If you're building a brand new home or planning a renovation, ​​you ​already know you have to comply with a large stack of regulations. But as your building designer, you can rely on me to tell you if a ​hidden sewer line makes your idea impossible. 

You might discover covenants ​that make ​your ideal roof line ​impossible. ​Then there's energy efficiency ratings and ever-increasing climate change standards.

​In short, it's my job to ​make your plans compliant and work within your budget. Call or email for an obligation-free quote.​

Call now: 0429 322 015

Building a home and want to make your design special but worried about your budget?

Discover how an expert building designer can not only make your building beautiful, but avoid costly mistakes.

The Phoenix Building Design Promise

I’ll never design something ​you cannot build or your client cannot afford to build. I don’t believe in “vanity designing”. While my designs might be considered design-award-worthy, I design with your wishes in mind (and not just mine). I listen to your dreams, desires, wants and needs for your job AND respect your budget as I design you a ​home you’ll be proud of and love.

- Donna Gesler

  • Does your Grand Design need to go on a ​financial diet?
  • Are you a project builder looking for on-time and on-budget designs that help you get on with the job?
  • Are you renovating but not sure of the changes you’re making?

Licensed Residential Building Designer, Donna Gesler is ​the owner and principal designer of Phoenix Building Design and has almost three decades’ experience in designing and drafting amazing start-to-finish building projects and renovations (small and large), ​all the way up to million-dollar ​budgets.

When you put your project and trust in Donna’s safe hands, she’ll help you ​design something beautiful AND functional.

Phoenix Building Design:

  • Creates practical and beautiful designs that reflect your dreams and lifestyle
  • Helps you benefit from years of experience in picking the right materials, finessing layout, optimizing technology and energy efficiency to maximise the bang of your hard-earned dollar.
  • Guarantees prompt and courteous communication
  • ​Takes you through a multi-step revision process to ensure you get what you want
  • Promises you thoughtful buildable designs you’ll be proud of that reflect your dreams and desires, that respect your budget.
Phoenix Building Design - Donna

The Donna-Difference!

I promise you that I will design your project:

  • On budget
  • You'll enjoy design-award-worthy outcome

I work with you (​across Australia online and by phone) and do the behind-the-scenes grunt work of communicating with your…

  • Engineer
  • Council
  • Certifier

…to create realistic, practical designs that are beautiful and fit your lifestyle.

“What you do and how you live in your house is important—and more important than making a design that looks great but doesn’t let you live easily. I believe form follows function. That is what dictates how your house will look. You don’t get there by chasing architectural awards. My prime purpose is listening to you!”

“​I call it my “I’ll stay with you” policy of customer satisfaction. I spend whatever time it takes to arrive at your or the customer’s design.*

I bring both the “dreamer” and the “realist” to our meetings so we can create a house with the look and feel the way you want, as well as making it supremely livable and practical.”

Builder or Owner Builder

Builders / Project Homes

Are you a project-home builder who needs jobs done quickly and professionally?

I ​​work as ​part of your team ​and will work seamlessly with certifiers, engineers, roofers, plumbers and other professionals to ensure compliance, just as an employee would.

​Maybe you are a builder who wants to have an edge over the competition by creating leading-edge, contemporary, interesting projects that are balanced by pragmatic design.​

My approach ​helps you spend valuable time with your client and save you unnecessary hours of changes. Time is money!

I'll work to give the client what they're asking for - and if it can't be done within their budget (or at all!), I'll raise it so we can explore other options.

It's my job to be trusted with making the details work.

​I'll manage the job effectively so you spend less time consulting about project-changes with your clients, while you get on with the business of building their dream home. 

It all boils down to more money in your pocket and more efficient spending by the client with their outcomes in mind.

I love ​designing ​appealing and contemporary buildings, ​and I believe in putting the client first to stretch their dollars. And above all, ​drafting a functional and beautiful home.​

Owner-builder or building Your First Home?

If you've seen something you like the idea of, but it's been "architect designed" or is only available through a specific builder/developer, or perhaps it's just out of your budget, I can often help you reproduce your vision.

​​Even if you think your ideas or sketches might end up being too expensive, don't give up before talking to a good building designer. We're ​​used to approaching projects with practicality as the priority.​


You don’t have to go it alone. To make sure you dot the "I"s and cross your "T"s, using Donna as your Building Designer will make sure the process of design, engineering, inspections, certification and council approvals is easy and seamless for your builder.

Government regulations can be a minefield. You can trust Donna to help you or your builder navigate an easier route throughout your home’s transformation.

Her experience will help you avoid costly mistakes and keep you on budget…and realise your dream home from paper to turn-key!

Whole house designs
Here's what you get when ​Donna works on your dream home
  • You get a very experienced building designer who tackles every aspect in-house and doesn’t farm anything out (except for ​technical matters such as certifiers, ​engineers and council approvals).
  • You get a professional with great references and a great reputation
  • My clients find me easy to work with and very responsive and reliable.
  • Someone who knows builders and how they think
  • I’m not just a designer. I know how to ​design and detail a house—everything from specifying beams ​to electrical plans. You may not know this, but most architects are in the business of design and pay little heed to what’s beyond the shape and scope of the walls, windows and aesthetic considerations. My comprehensive approach means I’ll be there from beginning to end!
  • You get a designer committed to the changes you want to make. At the start, we'll almost certainly go through multiple revisions to concepts until you're happy
  • I don’t like to take centre stage. I like your house to do that! ​Which mean, my designs are not about me. They are an expression of ​you. I shine a light on you and the design, not the designer​. You'll find in the industry there are two kinds of designers: those who win awards, and those who win their customer's hearts. I am not out for industry awards—just customer applause!
  • Efficiency and years of experience pay dividends in results… When you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you develop a practised eye. I’ve seen and fixed the classic mistakes that others have made. I do have some stories to tell!
  • And it’s my job and my commitment to you to steer you away from mistakes. I’ll listen to you. It’s important to hear you out so I can really appreciate what you’re looking for. Once I know we’re on the right track, even if that’s at the consultation stage, I’ll bring my years of practical experience—that of a building designer and as a domestic homeowner—to the table, without hampering your vision.
  • Bottom line: I’ll design what ​you want. We’ll get there through effective meetings where I listen to your needs
  • It’s a fact in the design industry that awards are given to those who submit their work. Those who are not seeking accolades continue to quietly create beautiful homes. Phoenix Building Design is purely and simply a design house focused on you—and creating what you want. Award-worthy and award-winning… always depends on the beholder!


But don’t I need an architect?

No, you don’t!

An architect can often be more concerned with the art side of the design. And they usually give their concept to building designers and drafts-people to make those arty ideas into buildings.

A building designer is usually someone who follows a project from the drawing board, through design, specifications (without farming it out to other trades), creates ​electrical and flooring plans and more, and liaises with engineers, certifiers, council and builders—and for less price than engaging an architect. It really is a matter of getting better bang for your buck.

Why is being a woman designer a benefit to you?

Decision makers are often female, especially in the domestic market. Many of my clients have told me over the decades that I am more relatable, more practical and provide a more balanced product.

I have helped countless homeowners, builders and renovators avoid the stupid mistakes that can sometimes occur from focusing too heavily on arty design rather than creating beautiful livable spaces. I add the female touch that helps a property be buyer-friendly. I am more likely to have the insights a female decision-maker will appreciate. This has been appreciated over the years by many builders and project-home construction companies.

Don’t get stuck with an architect or designers whose main objective is to try to outdo their colleagues by making outrageous complicated designs to win them awards. Donna promises you she will design you something that will win a place in your heart and not be a vanity project just to win her a prize.

About Donna
About Donna

​As the first female BDAQ member in SW Queensland ​Donna is a genuine ground breaker. And as the principal of Phoenix Building Design, she has spent decades working on both custom- and project-home builds.

With ​Donna at the helm of your plans, you’ll be confident of quick and easy council approval, clear understanding of what to expect from tradespeople.

All the plans ​she provides are supported by clear documentation.

She will stick to budget (once the expectations of your design are discussed. Yes, both parties have to be reasonable!) so that building your dream home will be virtually as easy as laying the first brick (or ​digging foundations).

Contact Donna

Phone: 0429 322 015 | email:

What Others Say


​Donna was great throughout the whole process. The quality of the end product is of a extremely high standard and the service cost was great value. Quick and efficient and will most definitely use again on our next project. Thanks Donna.

​Colin Hiatt

 / ​New Home Construction


​I got Donna to do our house plans. Very happy with her design. Easy to work with, added all my quirky requests without any quibbles. Up to date with all the modern ideas and building systems , materials etc. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

​Gail Fredericks

/ ​House Plans


​Donna really helped us think through how to make practical changes to modernise our home and bring it up to a much higher standard. I love the way she thinks through the details and works hard to get the feeling you want!

​Gabrielle Raiz

/ ​Large Scale Renovation

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